Things to Look For When Selecting an Interior Painting Contractor

Unlike most other home improvement projects, interior painting is unique in a way that you have to do it right in the first attempt. It means there is no such thing as trial and error, plus you literally do not have any room for mistakes. If you fail in it, you go back to square one and end up wasting away your time, effort, and money you spent in buying the materials needed to get the job done. In fact, it is for this reason that many homeowners decide to hire an interior painting contractor so as to make sure the job is completed with utmost success.


Nevertheless, the decision to hire an expert does not automatically mean you are good to go. There still is the danger of hiring someone who does not have the right set of skills, knowledge, or experience. To be sure you tap the services of the best possible interior painter you must look for these things:

  1. Recommendation From The People You Trust – Although it is quite easy to search for prospects online and in traditional yellow pages, still the best way of finding and selecting an interior painting contractor is by consulting and asking for recommendations from people you trust, including your friends, neighbor, or coworker. There is a good chance one of them might have hired a painting contractor before and they had a satisfying experience with them. If the result was not satisfying, they wouldn’t recommend the contractor in the first place.
  2. Positive Online Feedback and Reviews – Mind you, it never is a good idea to heavily rely on online reviews about a painting contractor, especially if you are getting them from the company’s website. These days, it is very easy to make up claims and write reviews just to make a good impression to potential clients. Instead, you must focus your search on feedback and reviews on authority sites; say like the Better Business Bureau or maybe local organizations and groups. You also can get from online forums.
  3. interior painting jobAnswers to Interview Queries – You also will know if you are dealing with a good interior painting contractor based on the answers they provide you during the interview. The interview can either be by phone or in person. Now if you cannot hold a prospect on the phone for at least thirty minutes, it is a clear sign that they are not committed to pleasing you. Perhaps they do not need clients or they are just way too busy attending to others. Go for a painting contractor who willingly answers to all your relevant questions and shows that they are experts in the field of residential painting. You know via the questions you ask and the answers you get if the prospect is indeed worthy of being hired.
  4. Extensive Portfolio – Ask all your prospects to show you their portfolio. While it is very easy to make a verbal assurance about how impressive their previous work is, you cannot rely on it to ensure you have the right people to paint your home interior. The best proof is by showing you their portfolio containing the different projects they managed to finish in the past. Try to see if you like their work and make a comparison shopping.
  5. Detailed Estimate – Finally, get a detailed estimate. If any of your prospects refuses to give one, remove them from your list of contractors to consider. You have to understand that there are so many fly-by-night painters out there and those who refuse to give a detailed estimate are likely to rip you off in the end.