Drywall Repair

drywall repair


Your home suffers from constant use and abuse. As a structure meant to protect you and everyone who lives in it, you expect it to have imperfections due to the roughness of living in it, combined with the constant bombardment of pressure from the harsh conditions outside. It is no secret that many parts of the home suffer from damage from time to time, and one of them is the drywall.

We are a company offering not just painting services, but also repair and restoration of your drywall. For the most part, drywall in homes suffers from damage such as holes and punctures. Thankfully, damage in a drywall is pretty simple and straightforward to fix. But the fact that it is easy to repair does not mean you just ignore those holes on the wall. The reason why drywall repair must be considered a priority is because you cannot start an interior painting job if there is any sign of damage.

Call us right now so that we can figure out how much drywall repair and priming your home needs before we can start repainting. We do the hard work for you, including patching, sanding, and priming your drywall, the purpose of which is to create a perfect surface.
We offer you a comprehensive range of drywall repair services so that you no longer have to go to other companies. If you need interior painting services, we do that, too!

Drywall Damage

Every homeowner must realize that drywall damage can happen without warning, and for the most part, you are left unprepared to deal with it. The surface is inherently delicate that a simple attempt to use a nail for a new picture frame or art or even a slight nudge from your doorknob could lead to a hole or dent. In those situations, you normally do not feel the need for an immediate response, especially if the damage is barely noticeable. However, once you decide it is time for a new paint job, those holes and other damaged area of your drywall must be taken cared of first before any painting commences. Fortunately, we are more than willing to fix your drywall problems without you breaking a sweat.

The most common culprits of drywall damage we handle include the following:

  • Popping nails
  • Small punch-through holes
  • Loosened up joint tape
  • Furniture scuffs
  • Damage stemming from tile removal
  • Cracks as a result of settling
  • Mold or moisture damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Rodent and rat damage
  • Drywall anchor holes

Paint Priming

Repainting the interior of your home requires a comprehensive inspection of the drywall, the purpose of which is to prepare the surface. You cannot in any way start repainting if there is existing damage, no matter how small it is. Painting over damaged portions of the drywall will merely increase the visibility of the damage.

What we do is perform a walk through of the interior and figure out the extent of the damage. We take note of every single spot or area that needs fixing and go straight to work. There are numerous ways of dealing with drywall damage, depending on how serious or large it is. For instance, we deal with small holes by filling them with spackle or mud, and then sanding them down once they dry up. For bigger holes, the patching process is a lot more complicated, although we don’t back down from any challenge.

Drywall Finishing

The presence of holes or dents on your drywall only means one thing: they have to be fixed. Some contractors tell you that a new coat of paint does the job of covering a small hole or dent. But in reality, the damage stands out and you end up with a more obvious discrepancy on the wall. If you are getting a new paint job, you have to let us repair your drywall to give way for a smooth surface. Schedule a free estimate from us today.