Color Consultation

color consultation


For homeowners in Northampton County, Pennsylvania and Bergen County, New Jersey, the most challenging part of a residential painting project is choosing the ideal colors. While it seems like a convenience on your part to know that there are a virtually unlimited number of paint colors to choose from, not to mention sheens and shades, the truth is the task can easily overwhelm you.

As a full-service residential painting contractor, we want to make the process of color selection as convenient and stress-free as possible. We serve in the various phases of an interior and exterior painting project, making sure that we got everything covered; while you sit back and watch us work our magic.

Every homeowner is entitled to choosing the ideal color for a painting job, be it interior or exterior. However, we do not encourage guesswork in selecting paint colors, which is why we offer color consultation services, wherein we provide you a comprehensive guide. But mind you, the decision to choose a particular color is your right; we are just here to help you come up with the best option possible.

To help you choose, we bring along color decks from different manufacturers, as well as binders with over-sized samples of the most popular and preferred colors in residential painting projects. We do this to guarantee that you never will miss out on anything you might want to use for your refreshed interior or exterior.

Professional Color Consultations

Not a lot of homeowners realize that the color they expect may not look the same once they are painted on the walls and ceilings. The reason is that there are so many different factors that come into play. For instance, the size of the wall, lighting conditions, furniture, flooring, and interior decors influence the way paint color appears. This is the reason why you need professional color consultations. Thankfully, we are here to provide you just that. We help in creating a color scheme for one or a couple of rooms or even the entire house. What’s even remarkable is we send someone to your home to provide a free consultation.

We Cater to Interior and Exterior Painting Projects

Our company provides color consultation for both interior and exterior environments. We have a group of experts who will cover every imaginable aspect of choosing a paint color for your home, including the development of color plans, presentation of color samples, paint schedules, and more. If you want to be completely unique, we offer custom color formulation, too.

Our services also include analyzing the project and the site, providing guidance on the materials and finishes to use, comprehensive supervision of the color testing procedure, as well as the project coordination with contractors and designers.

For the most part, we cover the following:

  1. Evaluation of the whole site, including interior and exterior components
  2. Weighing on the different colors and finishes found on your space
  3. Comprehensive inspection of the furnishings, artwork, accessories, floors, and fabrics in terms of figuring out the right interior color palette
  4. Assessment of the brick, roof, siding, and other architectural features in determining the perfect exterior paint color
  5. Factoring in lighting as well as other elements so as to come up with attractive color choices

Color consultation usually takes less than a day to complete and come up with recommendations. However, there always will be special circumstances and situations that may require us to study the site for a day or two. Obviously, the process starts with a simple yet meaningful interview. We want to learn everything we can from you; especially what you want and what colors you are not particularly a fan of. We dig in deeper as to your objective of painting your home and give you advice on how we could move forward. After all, everything we do is based on what you want us to provide you, which in this case is an expert advice on which colors best represents your needs.